Dancing is Good for You

It’s Tuesday night and the couch is calling you like a comfortable siren. Sit down and let your mind go blank as you watch another episode of Dancing with the Stars. But wait, what if you were the one dancing? You don’t have to be a star to enjoy all of the great things that dancing can do for your health and well-being.

Studies show that dancing can help you to exercise, maintain flexibility, reduce stress, improve your brain health, and make new friends.

Dancing — A New Way to Exercise

Think about it, when you are moving, you are burning calories. When you are burning calories you are losing weight. You can run a few miles, play a sport, or workout at the gym, but what is more satisfying than staying fit while dancing. Salsa and Swing dancing can burn 300-500 calories per hour depending on your weight and other factors. The best way to get in shape is by enjoying what you do so that you keep doing it.

Enhance your Flexibility with Dance

Ballroom dancing requires flexibility. Learning new dance moves ensures that you will move your body in ways that other daily activities might not require you to do. Stretching your limbs, your back, and other parts of your body is a natural way to stay flexible. Whether performing a lunge or a turn, you are flexing many unused muscles. Increased flexibility makes all of your movements better and enhances your health.

Dance to Reduce Your Stress

Stepping onto the dance floor can be a great way to reduce stress. There have been several studies which have shown how participants have used dance to reduce stress. Think about this….you have finished a hard day at work and now your significant other wants to go to a Ballroom dance class. You enter the dance studio apprehensive and tense. Fast forward one hour. You can’t believe that you have learned three new steps and feel exhilarated, not to mention the fun that you have had with your partner. The stress of the day is gone and you are ready for the next challenge.

Brain Health is Enhanced When You Dance

Dancing is good for your brain. Dancing improves brain function in many areas. Dancing is a great conduit for improving muscle memory. Your body and your brain work together to learn the dance steps. Dancing helps with balance and fluidity. The more you practice spinning, the more that you will find techniques to spin smoothly and to not get dizzy after multiple turns. Learning something new is always good for your brain.

The Social Benefits of Dance

Dancing is a fun way to be with your friends and to meet new friends. When friends learn together in a group dance class, they are all on the same level. Dancing generates laughter and good times. Dancing is also a perfect way to get closer to your favorite person.

So get out there and dance to enjoy the fulfilling aspects of dancing. There are many positive physical, mental, and social benefits for everyone. You should be dancing.

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